Exhibition: Fanny Hauser + Viktor Neumann: Karol Radziszewski

19 August 2020

Exhibition: Fanny Hauser + Viktor Neumann: Karol Radziszewski

August 23 – November 1, 2020
Opening: August 23 (Sunday) at 11.00

“Poczet” is the first Swiss solo exhibition of the multidisciplinary artist Karol Radziszewski living in Warsaw. It is presented as part of the 2019/2020 curatorial scholarship (Gebert Foundation for Culture) of Fanny Hauser and Viktor Neumann scholarships. In the exhibition, they allude to characters associated with the Polish Museum in Rapperswil. The exhibition will present a series of queer portraits of Polish personalities of the past millennium. The exhibition will present objects from the collections of the Polish Museum in Rapperswil.

Karol Radziszewski’s “Poczet” is an attempt at a non-heteronormative reading of Polish cultural heritage. The series consists of 22 paintings depicting outstanding figures of Polish history, as well as the world of art and culture: from Bolesław the Bold and Władysław Warneńczyk, to Miron Białoszewski and Maria Janion. All paintings are kept in the avant-garde, cubist style, which is a continuation of the artist’s experiments with the tradition of European painting, and above all with the aesthetics of Pablo Picasso.

Place: Kunst (Zeug) Haus, Schönbodenstrasse 1, 8640 Rapperswil-Jona
Free entrance!

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