Polish Library


The library collections can be used after prior appointment.

Tel. +41 (0) 55 210 18 61

Questions regarding the borrowing of books, library information, please send to the e-mail address:


The main task of the Polish Library is to gather, find and protect books, documents and publications concerning Poland. Apart from the history and culture of Poland, its main topics are the history of the Polish emigration and Swiss – Polish relations. Antique prints, periodicals, photographs, prints, maps, musical and audiovisual documents can be found in the resources of the Library. The documentation of the Polish Museum is also kept in the Library.

The greatest classical works of the Polish literature and their foreign translations are collected in the Library as well as numerous publications on the modern history of Poland. All the collections come exclusively from private donations.

Among the rooms of the library one can find chambers dedicated to Jan Nowak Jeziorański and the Romers’ Parlour.